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20x20 MASTER


In order to become the most trusted retailer, Sainsbury’s set out its “20x20 Sainsbury’s Sustainability” vision. The vision contains 20 commitments that Sainsbury’s aim to practice by 2020. The focus area includes to  practice community responsibility, operational excellence, providing a good workplace and putting out a healthy product,




1. To accomplish 20x20 Sainsbury’s Sustainability, it’s important for colleagues to understand the vision values, take ownership and represent new company value to customers.

2. Many colleagues don’t see 20x20 sustainability values as important to their career, while leaders and managers are open to a change but feel they need support during this period.

3. To create a change in Sainsbury’s, a big corporation with 157,000 staff and more than 1,000 stores,the internal communication has to be motivated and sincere enough to drive staff to change their behaviours.






20x20 Masters


A programme for staff to learn about the 20x20 sustainability plan, practice its values in their real lives and become knowledge masters. The programme is not only aimed at staff to make them understand the vision but also to create special moments in their routine to make them believe that a change is tangible and brings something new to their lives.


The real practice that allows them to learn something new, like meat or wine tasting. The special events make them feel privileged with activities like cooking with a chef. The expert position makes them proud of the knowledge that they get from the new vision, like becoming a sustainability leader in the area.


20x20 Masters online learning platform and competition.


The online platform is fit for the busy lifestyle of staff, while the competition will keep them excited about incentives and challenges. The key message for this programme is focused on how the values of 20x20 sustainability make a difference to the lives of staff. From  the benefit of healthy food  to how their lives will be different with the 20x20 sustainability vision.









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