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Curiosity | Self-Starter Entrepreneur


My passion in user research, design and innovation started when I was young. Born within an entrepreneurial family, I have seen my parents and wider family striving to create innovative products/services to fulfil customer needs and succeed in expanding their own enterprises. Having witnessed this and been involved in business from this perspective has inspired me to pursue my career in Service Design and User Research.


On the other hand, I have always been intrigued by Design and Innovation. Having an MA. Service Design from the Royal College of Art and BA. Landscape Architecture has inevitably driven me to place HUMAN and INNOVATION at the centre of every creation I am party to.

My knowledge in digital strategy and transformation has been gained through working in Telecoms and Tech Start-up businesses. Having collaborated with digital veterans, industry experts and Mckinsey has given me knowledge and the technical ability to explore techniques in Digital Disruption and Growth Hacking.

User Research: Exploratory Research, Usability Testing, Data Analytics

Design: Service Design, Business Design, Customer Experience Design

Innovation: Digital Marketing, Digital transformation, Business Intelligence, Social Media


When not working, I always seek peace of mind through Yoga. I also enjoy Rhythm Cycling and Travelling. 



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