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Master Degree Thesis

" A memorable experience is a mental journey that leaves the customer with memories of having performed something special, having learned something or just having fun.”


( Sundbo, J. and Darmer)







Thailand’s tourism has been rapidly increasing for a decade, with the number of tourists visiting the country rising from year to year. 

It cannot be denied that Thailand is considered a dream destination that tourists wish to visit in order to lay down and relax on the beach as well as visit sites of national heritage.


While various tourist attractions make Thailand stand out from other competitors, the country needs to find a way to increase tourism values and to sustain the tourism resources that Thailand has.


A memorable tourism experience

A combination between the memorable experience and tourism experience. It is known as an individual experience which relates to travel activities for the whole journey. It creates a sense of belonging and provides meaningful memories for visitors. This theory can be an innovative direction for Thailand move towards to bring tourism into a modern era, also creating an agenda to grab the attention of stakeholders. 










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