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Daddy Cool

Family Network Foundation Thailand

" Having kids doesn't make you a father,Raising them does."



Daddy Cool is my final project in MA.Service Design at Royal College of Art.


It is a service that aims to bring families closer and increase the interaction in the family by using a series of activities. In this project, I focused on the relationship between fathers and their children in Thailand.
































In this project, I started with 3 points. 


  • How can we make emotion tangible & What are the factors making people bond together ?
    : In order to answer these questions, I choose Love as a main theme to begin this project. Love has different meaning and love is one of the strong feelings that tighten us together.


  • How can we create a change in culture and society?
    : To create a change in culture and society is a long-term process. It is related to many factors such as individual or community behavior, social norm. In this project, I choose to explore and create a change in gender roles and responsibilities in Thailand. I provided the service creating a gradual change in user’s life.


  • Family
    : Given the upbringing I was fortunate to have had, I realised that the relationship between parents and their children are very important for individual and societies.





Thai fathers are isolated from their families. Their role as a father is primarily as a decision maker and family leader while a mother’s role is a nurturing care-giver.


Problem Statement


How can we create services using activities and interest that increase the affection between fathers and children?

Daddy Cool

"Make every day count with your love one." Daddy cool is a service which comprises of


1.Loveband  to tracking personal progress and activities ( time spent, number of affections, activities)

2.Daddy Cool Application  to show personal development, give suggestion and reminder and record memories.

3.A Programme of Challenges , Events, Rewards  that is carefully curated to customer’s interest and aim to create a positive change along the programme.

4.Daddy Cool Network Daddy network,Hero Dad and people who make it happen.













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