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Patamawadee Ngamkajionviwat
Sheng Hui Shu
Xiaoxue Dong


Future Money 2014/Deutches Bank
" Price is what you pay. Value is what you get".   Warren Buffet

Future Money


Money is the universal object that we use for exchange in transactions. From tokens to digital money, it seems that the objects used for money has been changed over decades.


What is Future Money ?


In the future, will we still use money as in the past?

What is the role of the bank? When money has been changed into different forms.



From team research, only 5% users think that money is important in their lives. While the rest consider happiness, experience, skills have more values than money while they are living.

Role of bank and future money


In the future, instead of helping people growing money in their bank accounts,  Should financial institutions support customers to cultivate on growing their values in life ?



Value Incubator


A service that transforms banks from being financial institutes to being a value incubator to preserve customer value and practice value exchange in society.


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