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Alessandra Furetta
Nial Morahan
Patamawadee Ngamkajonviwat
Valentina Lopez
Xiaoxue Dong


Ministry of Justice

" To ask a young person caught in a cycle of crime to stop reoffending is to ask them to change their whole life."



Sometimes we fail to provide the necessary emotional or practical support they need to envision a viable, desirable alternative to their current way of living – and to make the thousand tiny changes to make them to get there.










Sketch is a project that re-imagines the youth  justice service to reduce re-offending.


In a collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and the councils of Ealing, Greenwich and Sussex, Sketch is introducing elements of empathy into the youth justice system, giving young people the space to envision a better life for themselves – and then helping them to achieve that vision.




















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