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Internal proposal/The United Nation Development Programme Asia-Pacific Regional Centre

We value your voice is an internal proposal for online communication strategy for UNDP Asia-Pacific.  The campaign aims to create awareness of UNDP Asia-Pacific’s role and engage stakeholders within UNDP projects.


In order to get citizens on track it is better to understand where they are and what they need. According to high mobile usage in Asia and the Pacific,  mobile data analysis can be one of the methods to get insight from audiences.Big Data can be used for delivering the right communication message, locating projects on site or used for policy making.








The process begins with asking citizens about the social problems that they are concerned with.The campaign will be published through online/offline resources all over the Asia-Pacific region. The problem that gets the highest votes in an area will imply that it is a critical issue for locals. The votes also provide information on campaign effectiveness and mobile accessibility in the area.







We value your voice is an experimental campaign that aims to integrate technology and innovation into communication and policy making. Instead of a one way communication that aims to deliver a message to audiences, this campaign opens the space for people to have a voice and allows them to be a part of social change.


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