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True Digital Media and Platform ( True Corporation Public Company Limited)
One initiative that True had was to develop a desirable music application for Thai people. In this project, I led the research, ran workshops and delivered insights for the TrueID Music team and leadership. This project involved collaboration between Chief Experience Officer, Marketing, UX, Product, IT and Mckinsey Digital experts.
Research Objective
Discover the insightful connections between Thai people and music.


The music mobile application market in Thailand was and still is very competitive. Spotify, Apple Music and Joox (which is a local music app) dominate the market occupying 80% of the digital music streaming sector. Hence, the team wanted to discover what the unique insights were that connected Thai people to music.

These insights would then be used for developing a product proposition, content and marketing strategy.

Research method

Ethnography Research - Diary study and in-depth interviewing of a sample of people aged between 18-25 years old.

1.Music Diary  We asked each participant of the sample to bring 10 items to their interviews that described key music memories that they had experienced within 6 months. This probe was used to uncovered their mental model, perception and connection between human senses.



2.In-depth interview and workshop  We asked a set of questions of the participants to understand what the music connections were. Team Workshops were then run that served to synthesise insights and evaluate product and business opportunities.


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3.Music Card  This was an activity in which interviewees had to choose 5 picture cards and describe how each card related to music in 5 senses. The goal was to understand the connection between visualization and human experience. This was my experimental activity which I created to explore the cognitive patterns of human memories. By running this activity, I discovered connections between visualisations, experiences, feelings and meanings. 



The key insights were:


1.Thai people relate music with memories. Music brings back memories of good and bad times, not only just a feeling but also recollections of moments. This nostalgia increases personalisation and engagement with the service.


2.Young Thais relate music with friends and activities either in their car with friends or working on university assignments. Music also makes them feel as though they are living in the present and are connected with other likeminded people.

3.Thai style visualisation, Thai songs and Thai local language are needed in the application and content. It is easy to understand and there is no need for it to be translated before consumption.

4.Music is more than songs. It is a form of entertainment which relates with activities and/or background.

Quote from interviewee

" When I listen to Ardel , all the feeling from that day coming. I was driving and crying heavily while listening to her songs. Music brings back all good and bad memories. Music is my living life stories. "  Wan (Financial Analyst)

From insight to real life

The results from the workshop brought Content, Marketing and Product teams to apply " Music brings back memories." to their creations.


Marketing and Content team created Nostalgia playlists and contents like Artist Birthday, Thai dialect playlist, and marketing activities.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 10.49.58.png

This Day in Music (Playlist/Social Media Content) provides in-depth information about their favourite artists.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 10.51.28.png

Thai local dance playlist (Playlist) using Thai dialects and Thai-style graphic creating the experience of a Thai local party.

Download TrueID Music

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